Grandville Intensive Care Unit- In the Business of Saving Lives

Grandville Intensive Care Unit- In the Business of Saving Lives….

Passion for life, whether I’m saving it, or I’m sculpting it, has driven me into this medical profession, not only as plastic surgeon but ultimately as a medical doctor avowed to preserve life and enable people enjoy this life in their bodies.
As an individual and also as a doctor, humanity has always been the bane of my existence and I always seize every opportunity to impact society, one way or the other.

For that reason, when I discovered the dearth of functioning Intensive Care Units in Nigeria, I decided that it was high-time that Grandville ventures into providing one. In Nigeria today, only very few hospitals provide this service and most of these hospitals are federal institutions funded by the government. Unfortunately, these existing intensive units have thinned out resources due to the pressure placed on available resources.

The ICU, Intensive Care Unit is established to care for a patient affected by life threatening conditions like cardiac failure, respiratory issues, organ failure or deep coma. And overall to maintain organ system functioning and improve the patient’s condition such that his or her underlying injury or illness can then be treated. Such patients needs undivided monitoring, minute by minute, hour per hour for days and in some cases, weeks.Setting up a standard ICU, also known as the Critical Care Unit involves not only millions of naira but also experienced and specialized and skilled doctors and nurses.

That was one of our major challenges when we decided to set up the ICU, we had to source for funds to create this unit in our Surulere clinic. We also had to search for highly skilled medical personnel to man our ICU units.
After a couple of setbacks, we were able to create 2 fully equipped ICU units and one high dependence unit to cater for the need of patients in our Surulere clinic. Our ICU provides continuous service and care which includes cardiovascular parameter, respiratory function, renal function, the nervous system status and so on.
We also have the needed Space, equipment and skilled staff in line with international standard.
So far, we have been able to receive patients into our ICU for close monitoring and care from various other hospitals. Some of these patients needed artificial ventilation after complications from abdominal surgeries. Some also needed close monitoring having suffered major trauma like head injuries, chest injuries or other multiple injuries.
When people tell me that I’ve achieved so much success and I should feel fulfilled and accomplished, I laugh and tell them that I’m on a journey, I’m getting there but I’m not there yet.

I am Dr Ayobami Aranmolate, a plastic surgeon, a medical doctor, in the business of saving lives.
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More information and video gallery of Grandville ICU is available here

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  • Ada

    Well done sir

  • Nikky Sulid

    I am so so proud of Dr Ayo. And I know Devils Asti is still going higher places than this. I speak confidently of dr Ayo, People will always ask me, are you sure you have not worked for grandville before. Cos am proud to speak highly of Dr Ayobami Anywhere I go in my life. Keep the good work going Dr Ayo. Mr Magic Hand With the Support Of Almighty God. You are blesses

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