Dr Laser’s Diary Brazilian Butt Lift- Enhancing a Woman’s Sexuality.

As a plastic surgeon, I have met, conversed and even counselled countless number of women over the years and I have come to the conclusion that a woman’s joy and fulfilment is tantamount to the perception she has about herself and frankly speaking, physical beauty plays a major role in defining this perception.

For this reason, my work as a body sculptor has brought me great satisfaction. I get satisfaction and joy from the reaction on the faces of my patients when they see their new bodies, from every letter they write me, from their testimonials, from stories of marriages been fixed, and ultimately from all the women we have helped achieve body goals.

These fuel my passion and desire to be a better version of myself and profession. That Is why I tell people that Plastic surgery goes beyond physical aesthetics, it transcends into helping people feel comfortable, confident and Inspired with a renewed zest for life in their body.

The majority of the work I do in this profession which is Liposuction, Tummy tuck, breast and butt lift is designed to not only enhance a woman’s sexuality but to all bring out its youthfulness and beauty.

In this journal, I’d like to talk about the procedure that allows for the total sculpturing of the body. The procedure is the liposuction of the abdomen and back with transfer to the butt which is also known as the Brazilian butt lift. For many individuals who would like to undergo this procedure someday and are wondering what the procedure is all about, I will provide step by step information and insight into this procedure.
What you should know about Brazilian Butt Lift

Liposuction (Lipo- Means Fat and Suction- Means to suck out) is the harvesting of fat tissues that have accumulated over time from parts of the body such as the abdomen, back, thighs, laps, flanks etc some of these fats are transferred to the butt area to give it a shapier, curvier look.

The cannula is used to harvest the fat into the canister, which is a sterile container that holds the fat temporary before it is transferred back into the butt area.

Liposuction and fat transfer to the butt area is far better and safer than implants because it gives a more natural look and softer feel.

After all the tests has been run and eligibility for the procedure has been determined, the following are the steps required for the procedure

Step 1- With a surgical marker, markings are made on the site where fat will be harvested and injected. Incisions sites through which the fat will be injected are about 2 to 3 millimetres in length
Step 2- My nurses disinfect all parts of your body especially the harvest site and the buttocks. These will reduce the likelihood of an infection at the surgical site.
Step 3. My Anaesthetist administer anaesthesia to put you to sleep while procedure is being carried out on you.
Step 4- Tumescent fluid is injected through an Infiltration cannula into the areas of fat that will undergo liposuction.
Step 5- Transfer is made to the butt area
Step 6- The incisions points are closed with sutures to keep the fat from extruding from the buttocks.
Just as I care a lot about the satisfaction of my patients with their bodies, I also care about their emotional and mental wellbeing. I have to ensure that they have decided to undergo these plastic surgery procedures only for the right reasons. The other day, I had bluntly refused to operate on a patient whose only reason for this surgery was because her boyfriend was insisting. He wanted to see Kim Kardashian in her.

I knew that no matter how good the outcome of this procedure is, her boyfriend who had unrealistic expectations for her would never be satisfied. Hence, I bluntly told her that she should only make such important decision for no one else but herself. If she is happy and comfortable in her body, she shouldn’t allow anyone body shame her and pressuring her in a plastic surgery operation.

In Grandville, we encourage and promote a healthy positive body image of all our patients.
After many years of practice in this field, I have come to the conclusion that a woman’s body and perception of how she views herself is a contributing factor to her self-confidence and worth and that is why we try our utmost best to restore a woman’s youthfulness and beauty.

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Caring for your body after a Breast Surgery

We seldom have patients complain of complications after a successful breast surgery. Hence, When I received a call from a patient two days ago that she was having issues with her breasts after a breast lift surgery was done 2 weeks ago, I pointedly asked if she had adhered to all the instructions that was given to her which she answered in the affirmative.

We invited her over to the office so we could examine her and upon examination, we discovered that not only had she flaunted all our rules, she had taken off the surgical bra made to protect her breasts and speed up recovery. She had also involved herself in activity that had her putting pressure on the breasts.

This caused some swelling, hematoma (accumulation of blood under the skin), poor scaring and foul smelling discharge from the incision site.

Adhering to your doctor’s advice after a surgery is as important as the surgery itself.

After a breast lift, the breasts which will be covered with sterile dressing and supported with a surgical bra is very important as it will determine the outcome of the surgery. Small tubes might be placed at the incision sites in your breasts to drain any excess blood or fluid which will be removed after 2 weeks.

You should also avoid any strenuous activities like driving, straining, bending, lifting or involving in any strenuous activity or even sexual activity. Sleep on your back or your side to keep pressure off your breasts. Also, ask your doctor when it will be okay for you to resume normal activities like taking a shower, etc meanwhile always keep your breasts out of the sun.

The stitches around the breast would either be removed or dissolved on its own depending on the type used. You are supposed to wear the surgical bra, round the clock for about 4 weeks. Even when sleeping never take it off.

You don’t need to be told the importance of your medications and pain relievers. They help to keep infections away and ease the pain and any discomfort you may be feeling.

Aesthetic breast surgery whether you are reducing, augmenting or lifting has a potential to embellish your womanhood helping you feel youthful and increase your sexuality.

Our work in Grandville is aimed at helping every women feel good in their own body thereby promoting self- confidence as a woman.

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Grandville Intensive Care Unit- In the Business of Saving Lives

Grandville Intensive Care Unit- In the Business of Saving Lives….

Passion for life, whether I’m saving it, or I’m sculpting it, has driven me into this medical profession, not only as plastic surgeon but ultimately as a medical doctor avowed to preserve life and enable people enjoy this life in their bodies.
As an individual and also as a doctor, humanity has always been the bane of my existence and I always seize every opportunity to impact society, one way or the other.

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Consultation with the Lady at the Airport- What you should know about breast lift

Consultation with the Lady at the airport –  What you should know about Breast lift

The other day as I sat in one of the Airport restaurants, flipping through a magazine while I waited for my flight to Abuja, I noticed a lady sitting adjacent to me flipping through her phone and stealing glances at me.

After few minutes, she looked up from her phone and blurted out

“Dr Laser?” before I could reply, she went on to say…” of Grandville…? The plastic surgeon?”

Oh boy, I knew there was no escaping on this one. I had no choice but to answer in the affirmative


“oh my God! Oh my God! I’m finally meeting with you, I follow you on Instagram” while she dramatized I silently hoped she would simply just say hi and go her merry way leaving me to enjoy my peace and quiet. Well that did not happen as I watched her change her seat to sit right next to me. Read more “Consultation with the Lady at the Airport- What you should know about breast lift”

Liposuction or Tummy Tuck- Which suits you best?

A patient walked into my office the other day requesting for a tummy tuck. Upon examination, i discovered that what she really needed was a liposuction.  In this line of work, i get to meet alot of people who desire a flatter tummy and fit figure but are unable to tell one procedure separate from the other. People tend to confuse Liposuction from a Tummy tuck and this lady happens to be one of the many patients i’ve had to school.

In the simpliest way that i could, i educated her that a Liposuction consist of removing the deposits of fat located in between the skin and the abdominal muscles, through some tiny incisions made in the skin.

Liposuction can be used to treat areas of excesses fat on the abdomen and back, arms, thigh, breast, neck,calves, saddle bags etc. Hence, the procedure is suitable for people who have firm elastic skin with pockets of fat in certain areas.

Abdominoplasty which is popularly known as Tummy tuck is suitable for patients with loose abdominal skin or muscles. Loose skin can occur after childbirth or when there has been a massive weight loss.

In Tummy tuck procedure, a long incision is made in the lower abdomen, just above the pubic area where torn and weak muscles are repaired using stitches to tighten the muscles after which extra skin is removed.

In some cases, both procedures are recommended depending on the anatomy of the patient.

So the next time you think of getting a procedure done in order to fit into that beautiful dress, you can tell which procedure best suits you.

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Is plastic Surgery Safe

In the last few decades there have been numerous advances made in plastic surgery, especially with regard to technology, materials, and techniques.

These innovations have helped to make cosmetic procedures far safer and easier than ever before. Still, there are potential risks and complications with any operation, and our board certified Plastic surgeons will discuss the details associated with your chosen treatment during your initial consultation, as well as answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.

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